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Amplify your podcast's reach with this audio guide & strategic marketing playbook!
Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could:

Set realistic goals for your podcast 

Focus your podcast marketing on things that actually work 

Grow your podcast audience with the right listeners

All without spending money on ads, burning out on the social media content hamster wheel or getting bogged down in the latest shiny object of online marketing?

Well, I’ve got good news!

That’s the real magic that happens when you understand how podcast audiences grow and use this strategic marketing playbook.
A 3 step process to help you market your show and grow your listenership — the right way for you.

With the Podcast Growth Essentials approach you'll be able to:

Increase your audience reach and engagement 

Improved brand awareness and authority 

Create or enhance monetisation opportunities

Podcast Growth Essentials$9

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Audio mini-course delivered via a private podcast

What's included:

  • An audio course explaining podcast growth and marketing (PRIVATE PODCAST)
  • A strategic growth & marketing playbook  (GOOGLE SHEET)
  • Transcripts for those who prefer to read

What will we cover:

  • The foundations of podcast growth
  • Key podcast metrics and terminology
  • How to set podcast goals and measure the right things
  • Why podcast listener behaviour is different to other content types
  • 15 podcast marketing ideas and which ones work best

  • Total payment
  • 1xPodcast Growth Essentials$9

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